Shay Daniel Milow

Partner and founder of Insall Milow, Shay D Milow specializes in handling complex commercial transactions and providing ongoing representation to companies. He has a wealth of experience representing clients in various courts in insolvency law, company law, contract law, intellectual property law, administrative law, pharmaceutical law, and class actions – both as representative for defendants and plaintiffs.

Shay is an expert in bankruptcy cases and company liquidation, and has extensive knowledge and experience in the field. He is frequently interviewed by the Israeli press in matters relating to bankruptcy cases, company liquidation and reconstruction proceedings.

Shay used to serves as an academic adviser to the Israel Bar Association Insolvency Committee 2015-2019.

Shay was appointed by the President of the Israel Bar Association to act as a sole representative of the Israel Bar at the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee of the Knesset’s (the Israeli Parliament) deliberations on the new Insolvency Bill.

He is actively involved in organizing various professional conferences in the areas of insolvency, both in Israel and abroad and recently chaired the the Israel Bar Association Insolvency and Economic Law Conference in Honk Kong and Shenzhen in Dec. 2017; The  Insolvency and Economic Law Conference New York, Washington DC and Delaware in 2016, and The Israel Bar Tel Aviv District Insolvency Conference in London and Oxford in 2015.

Shay has built up extensive experience representing clients in complex transactions in India and the Asian subcontinent.

Shay is frequently being appointed as an arbitrator to resolve complex commercial disputes.

Shay was head of the Israel Bar Association’s International Division (2015-2019).

A member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1998, Shay holds a LL.B with honors from Leeds University, England, as well as an LL.M cum laude from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. He graduated cum laude in East Asian Studies with a specialty in Chinese Studies from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

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